It’s been about three years since the creation of this blog, and we’ve had quite an on-again-off-again relationship.  It was originally created as a way for me to vent and stretch my creative legs at the same time.  Following a two year break, it became a place for me to dump all of my facebook statuses that I thought were pretty damn clever (they’re not, but I still think they are, which is why they’re still around if you want to look at them).  It only took me another year after that to realize that I’m beginning to find joy in writing itself.  Which terrifies me.

I swore off writing as a sixth grader (the first year we had “papers”), and have faithfully renewed my vows every year following.  TEN YEARS LATER, I was in my last semester of my last year of college, when I thought I’d sign up for a creative non-fiction class.  I swooned for, I obsessed over, I went bonkers for that class.  Turns out, creative writing is very different from paper writing. You can write about yourself all day long, and people will read it.  Self-centered writing–my kind of thing.

That’s where my troubles began.  I graduated from college a few months later with a goddamn Biochemistry degree, accompanied by a mortal fear of laboratory work and all things graduate school.  No writing experience was involved.  Unless you count filling pages and pages with scientific jargon to cover up the fact that I never actually accomplished anything in my lab. I don’t.

Now I need help.  If I want to do this writing thing, I’m going to need some serious feedback.  If you have time, please take a minute to give me constructive criticism on what you read.  If there is something you don’t like or a way that I can make my writing better, please, please, please tell me.  I can take it. I realize using a blog for feedback isn’t the most conventional way of doing things, but it’s the most I can do for now.  I’ve had three years to tell friends and family about this blog, and I still haven’t so much as whispered about it in my sleep.  Yes, I’m a huge coward, and yes, my confidence in my writing is rock bottom. Now help me!  Maybe I can take this thing somewhere.  Maybe.**

My first and most obvious flaw is that I love to write about myself.  It’s easy! I know every detail, and I don’t have to do a single shred of research. Sweet deal.  So that’s where I’m starting, and just know that I’m working on branching out. Kind of (my second flaw is my reliance on parenthetical phrases, but you’ll never take that away from me–never!!).

Thanks for your time.

Update: I’m now working on developing my skills as a “computer scientist.”  I put that in quotes because right now I’m less like a scientist and more like an idiot who is trying to understand computers and failing miserably.  Nonetheless,  I decided it might be a good field to get to know.  If it works out, it will definitely be more lucrative than writing, but as I’m still in the crash-and-burn stage, I’ve got a ways to go before the cash starts rolling in.  Like “I’m in in an unknown location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I’m trying to swim to Australia” ways to go.  I’ve got a whole category on this site dedicated to all the dumb things I do while trying to doggy-paddle my way out of this mess.  Check it out if you feel like it.

**I think about probability a lot.  The probability of this blog propelling me to fame and wealth (or even to a new career) is so close to zero that it’s pretty much zero.  But I still hope for it (and I suspect there’s a lot of bloggers who do the same), even though I’m doing absolutely nothing to promote my blog.  Hooray for lack of common sense!


6 thoughts on “What the heck is this site?

  1. allthoughtswork says:

    Rest assured, on your worst day you’re Shakespeare compared to some of the dried balls of Play-Doh on WordPress. I fuck with them sometimes when I need an ego boost.

    Oh, I know it’s evil and wrong but then so is melting Junior Mints and chocolate chips together and pouring them over Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy and eating it straight outta the container. I’ve lost my train of thought.

    Anyway, just write. The edit button doesn’t have an expiration date, you can always come back and tweak the evidence. I found WordPress just as I was escaping the repressed confines of a hiking forum that wouldn’t let me write the hiking stories I wanted. Needless to say, some of my first posts on here were pretty tame in that aftermath. Shit, I didn’t even start swearing until a year ago.

    Take advice from someone who’s been around the block on here for six years now, who’s been Freshly Pressed twice in one month, who’s been nominated for half a dozen other WordPress awards, who’s suckled at the breasts of a bursting stats page and thousands of followers, and who still clearly hasn’t learned simple, fucking humility….

    …Just write stuff you want to come back and read later, yourself. The cool people will agree with you, the rest can go suck on dried Play-Doh.

  2. seasaltandvinegar says:

    I didn’t think I’d be swearing on this blog either, but this comment is fucking amazing. If you ever need to make a little extra dough, I hope you consider life coaching. Thank you for this wisdom, and may your writing always remain infinitely far above the “dried Play-Doh” class.

    1. seasaltandvinegar says:

      Thanks! I’ve always thought of comedy as a dream job, but I wonder if I could produce quality material on a schedule other than when my brain says “Hey, I just thought of something funny!” I hope so.
      I really appreciate your encouragement!

      1. Dr. Andrea Dinardo says:

        Good point. Creativity has it’s own schedule. But you’re the boss of your blog after all. (And you do have an audience.) Keep writing. Keep posting. Every little bit adds up! 💫🌟

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