You’re wrong.

You know what NEVER works when you’re trying to argue with someone?? Saying “you’re wrong.”*  There is probably no faster way to completely make sure that your next point is not heard by the person you are addressing.  Except for maybe if you murder them.  But aside from that, there is nothing worse you can do in an argument with a physical person.  After you utter those words, they will take offense, they will become indignant, they will scream until they are blue, but they will never admit to being wrong.

Yet somehow, all of that is forgotten when it comes to clickbait on the internet.  Nothing makes people click faster than something that says “7 things you’re doing completely wrong in your relationship!”  People be like: “Wait, what?? What if I’m screwing everything up?? Let me at that article!” What a strange reversal.

So I came up with a solution to resolve this disparity. What if instead of arguing, people just wrote clickbait type articles to their spouse or problematic roommate or boss or whomever they needed to address?  Here’s a few that I think would work really well.

6 chores you’ve been doing TOTALLY wrong!

7 things you probably didn’t even know make her unhappy!

10 ways you didn’t know you were messing up the kitchen!

16 hilarious reminders to put down the toilet seat!

8 reasons why you SHOULDN’T spend your free time at Steve’s house!

87 reasons why you’re utterly wrong about Donald Trump!

Etc, etc. Please help me continue the list if you feel so obliged.



*If you don’t believe me, by all means please try it, but note to the divorce lawyers now reading this: I hereby take no responsibility for any adverse events that resulted from this suggestion


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