Is it a real source?

In a world suffering from information overload, it’s hard to know what or whom to trust. In the face of growing uncertainty, I offer you an alternative: judge the legitimacy of news sites based on the percentage of linked articles at the bottom of the page are “cutting belly fat with these 10 tricks” or “8 ways to know he’s really into you and not just the idea of you” or”These three foods should be avoided at all costs!” or “The hottest looks on instagram are nudes!” etc.
Except for yahoo news and buzzfeed because I love them. Don’t judge.
Who’s with me??
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2 thoughts on “Is it a real source?

  1. codeinfig says:

    i think you made the entire idea useless when you re-qualified buzzfeed 😦

    but i will make it easy for you: all sources are suspect; people trust a media that lies all the time and chases ratings, and isnt worthy of their trust. even when they dont “trust” it, they are manipulated to think bs might not be bs. i dont think it is *all* bs; lets say 90% of every source. (yes, include this one. thats a good start!)

    1. seasaltandvinegar says:

      Thanks for your wisdom! You’re right, we’re definitely living in a world where nothing is completely true…and even if it is, “scientists” are likely to say differently tomorrow.

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