This one time, I went to the Boston Marathon

Highlights of the Boston Marathon:

1. The sign that said “If Trump can run, so can you.”

2. The sorority girls that squeezed themselves next to me, blocking my view and loudly saying things like “Oh my gawd, let me show you this great picture! Wait, hold on a sec, it’s next to some nudes.”

3. The police officers that were more interested in talking to each other than going to help out the girl who was bent double in pain.

4. The trash cans with locked handles saying “Special Event,” forcing everyone to play an interesting game of Jenga with the piles of trash next to the bin.

5. The sign that said “I trained for months to hold this sign!” To his credit, he was out holding that sign for a pretty long time.

6. The amount of conversations that began with “Wow, I can’t believe anybody could do this!!”

7. The amount of conversations that began with “Wow, we should totally do this next year.”

8. The people wondering why certain athletes were participating in the wheelchair race, when clearly, “they have legs.”

9. The people cheering next to us that seemed to know every runner’s name, but were really just reading the names that a lot of runners had written somewhere on their body so they could get personalized cheers. Brilliant.

10. The people who paid more attention to their dogs than to the event itself.

11. Oh, and yeah and I guess the fact that 30,000+ people actually managed to push their bodies to these insane limits and finish 26.2 miles of running.


2 thoughts on “This one time, I went to the Boston Marathon

  1. Jonathan says:

    I saw the Trump sign as well, that made me smile. Number 8 on your list just made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the post!

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