Getting mad at objects

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that anger has survived as an emotion.  It’s probably caused many more problems than it’s actually solved.  When presented with a conflict, has anybody ever said “well, did you try getting angry at it/him/her?”

Its only purpose seems to be to cause unnecessary elevation in heart rate, blood pressure, and various hormones.  That, and if we didn’t have anger, how would we know when we were offended by something?  Boy, would that be a disaster.

The latest useless manifestation of this that I’ve been dealing with is anger directed toward inanimate objects.  If ever there were discovered a good use for anger, I can safely say that this is not one of them.  Unless we can invent some kind of object that can feel and respond appropriately to anger…but that would open up a whole new issue.

Anyway, I’m writing this while I nurse the newly raised bump on the back of my  head.  I’ve been sleeping in the attic room, and there is an unfortunately placed rafter just above my pillow.  Naturally, I’ve whacked my head on it more times than I can count, and each time I feel a flash of burning anger.  More than that, I want the stupid piece of wood to FEEL my anger.  I need it to understand that I’m extremely displeased, and that I would appreciate an apology.  Doesn’t it know how much pain it just caused me?  I could have brain damage and it would just sit there looking all innocent and deny everything!  Naturally, I’m still seething.

I first discovered my habit of getting pissed at objects a few years ago when I had a window shade that would repeatedly fall on my head whenever I tried to raise or lower it.  It did this about 80% of the time, which made me even more angry than if it had been 100%.  I always felt that it would choose to fall when I didn’t have time to deal with it, and that it was trying to make me as miserable as possible.  I threatened it to no avail.  I guess I could’ve fixed it, but I don’t think it deserved it, seeing as it showed not even a shred of remorse.

Today, after the head-bumping incident, I’ve now discovered a new target: ads on the internet.  I know it saves my history and preferences so it can give me ads that will be more relevant to me.  And to their credit, they are super relevant, but I no longer have use of them.  For example, I recently got my free annual credit report.  Annual. Which means I can only get it once a year.  Yet Google and other sites took this to heart and starting posting 6+ ads for free credit reports per page I visited.  Yes, thanks very much, but I ALREADY GOT IT AND I CAN’T GET IT AGAIN FOR A YEAR, STUPID ADS.

I also was searching for hotels recently, and booked one successfully.  Now my pages are filled with ads for hotels in that same area…in fact they are hotels that I ALREADY LOOKED AT.  Plus, I booked one already.  ADS, DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN CONVINCE ME TO BOOK ANOTHER HOTEL FOR MY ONE BODY??

Maybe this is just me, but I could really use a good way to release tension after I experience this kind of rage.  Maybe take up Tae Kwon Do so I can break some boards?  That would really make them pay.  Or you know, install a better version of ad-block, but that’s way too rational.


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