Valentine’s Day == just a normal day of coding

I love to make fun of people who try so hard for a stereotypical Valentine’s Day. So, this post is kind of dedicated to that. I figure that having achieving said successful V-Day is all about making sure that everything goes perfectly.  Guess what?  Coding is also about making sure that everything goes perfectly!

Therefore in honor of the upcoming consumer “day of love,” I present to you 5 reasons why pleasing a Valentine could turn out to be the same as writing code.

  1. Valentine: Sure, you could pick a random restaurant off Google, but you should probably go someplace that somebody you know has recommended.  If you wind up trusting that one guy on Yelp, you and your date might be unpleasantly surprised.
    • Coding: Sure, you can trust some random guy on the internet to tell you how to fix your code, but (as a beginner) it may be a good idea to check with someone you actually know to make sure that the suggested method won’t blow up your computer.
  2. Valentine: Finding the appropriate chocolates is important.  Like yeah, he/she will be okay with any old kind, but the quickest way to approval is to do some research to find the best.  Who wants a box of candy from the drug store when you can have gourmet chocolates filled with weird things you can’t pronounce??
    • Coding: Your function may work with just any old code, but if you research you might find that your 20 lines of code can be replaced with 1 (that probably has a bunch of things in it you can’t explain to a layperson).
  3. Valentine: Thinking to start the date off right, you buy her/him some flowers.  Oh no, there’s bugs in the flowers!  What a mess!  Backspace, backspace! Oh wait…those were bugs in real life.
    • Coding: you think you’re doing something beautiful, only to find out later that most of what you did was to introduced bugs, and you’ve got to delete everything.
  4. Valentine: You spend lots of time finding the absolute perfect outfit, only to find out when you get there that there’s a huge stain on the butt.
    • Coding: see previous…only this time, the bug you introduced was because of an embarrassingly stupid mistake.
  5. Valentine: Having had a horrible date, you wind up going home alone.
    • Having had an exhausting day at work, you go home alone….because you are a nerdy computer scientist.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!  I hope yours turns out better than the one I just proposed.



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