I’m real boy! I mean…programmer.

I’m finally a real programmer!  Here’s why:

  1. Yesterday, I installed Linux, an operating system commonly used by coders everywhere (and I only had every single step of the installation dictated to me by my mentor).
  1. Today, I configured some of the extra details in Linux (and even with all of the internet available to me, I wasn’t able to complete a single task that my mentor set for me, except for the one where she gave me step-by-step instructions).
  1. I now look like one of those computer nerd stereotypes that you see on TV all the time, where I type in some stuff when I want the computer to do something, and the computer returns some stuff (usually consisting of “command not found” or “operation failed”)!
  1. After two hours of typing commands on a specific project, I looked back on my handiwork and saw that I had completed each step correctly (I was using a command line tutorial in codeacademy)!
  1. This was one instruction from my mentor: “basically to do that, you should mkdir $HOME/bin

add that to your $PATH variable if it’s not already there

make a script there called “terminal” or “term” or something like that (make sure it’s not in use already)

that script should basically just pass through its arguments to whatever your current favorite terminal is

then in your xinit or bash_profile or whatever script, instead of calling xterm/etc. directly, call your special term script

does that make sense?”

And I had a completely normal response to it (*mental WTF???* “ok well I don’t know if there’s a directory “bin” and I’m not sure how to check my PATH variable, and I have no clue how to write the script or call it in the bash_profile”).*

I finally did complete the previous step. It took me hours of googling and referring to my notes on command line, but I did it (don’t ask me what it does**)!!


  1. Speaking of stereotypes, I haven’t showered in like three days (I take full credit for this one).



*then she replied: “you use $1 $2 etc for positional CL arguments

so for that script it’s something like

#!/usr/bin/env bash
exec urxvt “$@”

save that as “term”

use chmod +x term to make it executable”

Yeah, it makes about as much sense to me as it does to you.


**Just kidding, future employers! I would obviously never implement something that I didn’t know what it did……….




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