I’m fine, just fuming, thanks.

I’m the biggest hypocrite when it comes to passive aggression (aggressiveness?).  If you’re acting distant and you say you’re fine, I’ll become paranoid.  I’ll kiss up to you and do whatever you want and probably text you a whole bunch until you start acting “normal” again.  If anybody ever wanted to get a favor from me, all he or she would have to do would be to hint at passive aggressiveness.  That’s it.  But when it’s me feeling the aggression, it’s always different.

Like all humans, I have a tendency to find faults in others and none in myself.  This leads to lots of invisible steam coming out of my ears on a reguar basis.  But of all the faults I could uncover, out of all the things I could possibly complain about in a human being, I am stuck on roommates who don’t do their chores.

Really, brain, really?

Yes, oh yes.

Which one of them left their crusty dishes in the sink?  Why can’t he ever pick up a broom and sweep the scraps he dropped in the kitchen?  Ugh, there’s clumps of hair in the shower again; why can’t she just take it out? Why doesn’t she EVER wipe down the counters?  Didn’t she specifically ask to be put on that duty when we set the job chart?  Why am I the only one who takes out the trash?  Etc, etc, until I’ve convinced myself that it’s ridiculous that they can’t read my mind and immediately fix these problems without confrontation.  Isn’t it OBVIOUS that the dust in the corner is your responsibility??

This spectacle continues until I need to take deep calming breaths and remember the great qualities of the people that I have chosen to live among.  But not until I’ve given them a good dose of “Oh, me? Something wrong? No, not at all. No, I’m just tired.” *fake smile and try not to let teeth grit together audibly*.

I’ll keep trying to tame this ugly habit.  In the meantime, it’s time to scrub out the blackened pan that my roommate left on the stove.  I mean, come on this is the third time this week I’ve had to scrub this thing! Can’t she find another signature cooking technique besides burning the bottom of the pot?  She could at least have the courtesy to soak it! How horrible is my life?


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