I’m flying! Wait, no I’m not. Airlines are terrible! Wait, no they’re not.

I’m sitting at my gate at the airport feeling pissed.  Why, you ask?  The usual reasons that people are pissed at an airport.  I missed my connection due to a delayed flight (just barely!! The plane was still at the gate. What kind of bastards don’t let you onto the plane if it’s still there??).  Fortunately, I’ve been rescheduled (by a woman with absolutely no sympathy for my plight), but this means one extra flight and six extra hours of traveling time.  Interestingly, two thirds of my traveling is bringing me farther rather than closer to my final destination.  They just keep sending me farther south down the west coast, when I just want to be in the northeast.  Funny how that works.

Ok, so I’m stuck in Phoenix for the next few hours, until I get to grace LA with my presence for a few hours after that.

And I’m pissed.  Well, actually, I lied.  I was pissed about a minute ago, but since then I’ve stuffed myself with McDonald’s fries and thought about exactly why I’m pissed.  And one of those things made me feel better.  Not sure which one yet.

Why I was pissed: mostly, I just want to be there already.  It’s a very unhelpful feeling.  Yes, I want to be able to see all my family and friends, but I wasn’t going to do that tonight anyway.  I was going to sleep. And maybe read.  And maybe write. And maybe do some coding.

Hang on—can’t I do all of those things while I’m in the airport?

Yes, yes I can.

So even though the sleeping would be uncomfortable; even though the reading wouldn’t be in my squashy reading chair at home; even though the writing would be weird because there are so many potentially judging eyes on me, and even though I will be much less efficient at coding (because distractions)…I can still do all of those things!  So I’m not pissed anymore.  I am feeling pretty disgustingly stuffed though—maybe it was the McDonald’s that made me un-pissed after all.  Only I wouldn’t recommend others using this as a method to become un-pissed.  Your feelings of annoyance may turn to intense nausea.  You’ve been warned.



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